Coming soon: a vision to move around Raleigh better.

The Research Triangle is growing faster than ever before, especially Raleigh. For our communities to thrive and expand, we must create more homes, more well-paying jobs, and more attractions like restaurants, parks, and museums.

However, those investments are pointless if we don’t have good ways to move between those places. As one of the top 3 worst areas in America to live without a car, we deserve better ways to move without being tied to our vehicles.

To its credit, Raleigh has been working on building more greenways, running more useful and reliable buses, and introducing regional rail as well as “bus rapid transit” lines that run like trams. These projects are ambitious and promising, but they’re only useful if residents and visitors can easily move between them and their final destinations.

The Raleigh Artery is a concept to make that happen. Led by a group of forward-thinking residents, we’re:

  • Taking a critical look at new developments in Raleigh;
  • Finding underused infrastructure and unmet needs in our communities, and;
  • Creating a package of ideas to make it easier to move and thrive in Raleigh.

We aim to develop and promote our dream of an Artery that connects and moves people between disconnected communities up and down the Oak City.

The Artery is led neither by developers nor by taxpayers. As such, we want your help to develop, refine, and promote this vision. When we release our detailed vision around late 2022, join the conversation and help us make this project your dream, too.

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